Gem 21S®

GEM 21S® is a scientifically well-documented product that has been used to treat patients worldwide. It allows your body to rebuild the natural tooth attachment that is required to support your teeth.

A natural tooth attachment consists of three basic elements:

  • Root surface

  • Tiny fiber bundles connecting the root surface and jawbone

  • The jawbone itself

GEM 21S® is unique because it utilizes a Growth-factor, to reestablish new tooth attachment previously lost due to moderate severe periodontitis. It promotes the reformation of tooth attachment starting immediately and continuing for an extended period of time - in some cases more than a year. During this time, you can help to ensure a positive and long-lasting result by visiting our office regularly and by carefully following Dr. Forrest's recommendations.

GEM 21S® Growth-factor can promote more rapid healing of periodontal defects than other available therapies. Dr. Forrest will prepare the area to be treated by cleaning it out thoroughly, and then filling the space around the tooth with GEM 21S® where bone and other supporting structures have been lost.

Immediately, it begins signaling your body to actively begin to heal and regenerate healthy bone and tissue. It acts like a magnet, attracting the specific cells that your body needs to regenerate bone and the surrounding tissues, causing them to multiply in number. This increase in cellular activity results in a more rapid healing process. GEM 21S® Growth-factor Enhanced Matrix is gradually replaced with your own bone and other normal anatomic structures.

Completely unique and synthetic, GEM 21S® is an innovative highly purified growth factor (PDGF). It contains 1000 times more active growth factor (PDGF) than found in other bone growth materials.

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